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Take On The Best Fitness Classes In Annapolis At Krav Maga Maryland

Train with a purpose and walk away with the results to prove it in our Fitness Classes at Krav Maga Maryland. We're helping men and women across Annapolis get in great shape and stay motivated week after week. 

Get started today and combine cardiovascular training, core toning, HIIT workouts, and total-body strength exercises. Our Fitness program offers a wide range of classes that can help you see incredible results and feel accomplished after every single session. 

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For Any Age Or Experience Level, Our Fitness Classes Have The Answer

We know no two people train the same. And we know how boring it can be to get stuck in the same old routine. That's what our Fitness program at Krav Maga Maryland gives you choices week in and week out to keep your training fresh.

Our Fitness Classes in Annapolis include:

Heavy Bag: Looking to improve your striking skills and take on a great workout? Then this class is perfect for you. Our Heavy Bag workouts take on a high-intensity interval training format and combine punching, kicking, bodyweight exercises, and partner training to help you take on an incredible workout. 16oz gloves are required for this class!

Thai Pads: In this class, we're taking the heavy bag to the next level with tons of partner work and pad training. You'll learn how to strike with speed, power, and accuracy and you'll take on an incredible workout at the same time! 16oz gloves required.

Ready To Get Started? Take On Our Fitness Classes In Annapolis Today!

At Krav Maga Maryland, we're proud to help men and women across our community get fit and feel great about themselves. Challenge your body and your mind with our Fitness Classes in Annapolis. 

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